Florence Road Self Storage

Unit Calculator

Florence Road Self Storage features a number of flexible storage options.

Click the statement that is most accurate for more information.

The stuff I need to store would be equivalent to


From 55.00 per month
400 Cubic Feet
Holds 1 Bedrooms

From 75.00 per month
800 Cubic Feet
Holds 2 Bedrooms

From 90.00 per month
1200 Cubic Feet
Holds 3-4 Rooms

From 105.00 per month
1600 Cubic Feet
Holds a Small House

From 125.00 per month
2000 Cubic Feet
Holds a Mid-Sized House

From 145.00 per month
2400 Cubic Feet
Holds a Large House

From 195.00 per month
3200 Cubic Feet
Holds an Extra Large House


Our facility features a four point security system.

  1. On renting a unit you will be assigned an entry code. Gaining access to the complex will require entering this code at the gate keypad.

  2. Entry and exits are recorded on a digital video surveillance system.

  3. Each warehouse accepts a padlock to secure the door. You will have the option of purchasing a padlock from us or supplying your own.

    Mon-Fri 8-4, Sat 8-12, Sun Closed

    PARKING: $45 - $65

  4. Our complex is well lit